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Books By Edward Thomas

Edward Thomas: Words into Wood
The Edward Thomas Fellowship has published a fine-art limited-edition book featuring eighteen poems by Edward Thomas, illustrated by specially commissioned wood engravings by contemporary artists. Find out more.

Edward Thomas’s Poets
edited by Judy Kendall.
Carcanet. Paperback, £14.95: ISBN 978-1-85754-908-9.
For the first time, letters by Edward Thomas about writing and publishing are set alongside his poems, revealing the occasions of their composition and illuminating the processes of recollection, revision and development that transformed him into a poet. Interleaved with Thomas’s own poems and letters are works by the literary friends whom he criticised and admired, and whose influence he absorbed: Walter de la Mare, W.H. Hudson, Robert Frost, Eleanor Farjeon and others.

Elected Friends: Robert Frost and Edward Thomas to One Another
edited by Matthew Spencer.
The Other Press (UK) and Handsel Books (USA). Hardback, £17.95 or $24.00: ISBN 1590510836.
All the known surviving correspondence between Thomas and Frost, the poems they wrote to or for each other, and Thomas’s reviews of North of Boston. With a foreword by Michael Hoffman and an afterword by Christopher Ricks.

Collected Poems
Faber. Paperback, £14.99: ISBN 0-571-22260-9.
Edited by R. George Thomas. Generally regarded as the definitive edition of Edward Thomas’s poetry.

The Annotated Collected Poems
Bloodaxe Books. Paperback, £12.00: ISBN 978-1-85224-746-1.
Edited by Edna Longley. Includes extensive Notes offering substantial quotations from Thomas’s prose, letters and notebooks, as well as a new commentary on the poems.

Selected Poems
Faber. Paperback, £9.99:
ISBN 978-0571235698.
Edited by Matthew Hollis.

Poems and Last Poems
Edited by Edna Longley.
Plymbridge Distribution. Paperback £4.95: ISBN 0-7121-0146.

Poems [by “Edward Eastaway”]
Imperial War Museum. Hardback, £14.00 (limited edition of 300 copies): ISBN 1-901623-11-4.

Selected Poems
Introduced by Andrew Motion, with original lithographs by David Gentleman.
The Folio Society. Hardback, £195.00
(limited edition of 1,250 copies, each signed by David Gentleman): no ISBN provided.

Prose Writings: A Selected Edition. Volume I: Autobiographies
edited by Guy Cuthbertson and Lucy Newlyn.
Oxford University Press. Hardback, £85.00: ISBN 978-0-19-958695-0.

Prose Writings: A Selected Edition. Volume II: England and Wales
edited by Guy Cuthbertson and Lucy Newlyn. (Due in October 2011.)
Oxford University Press. Hardback, £85.00: ISBN 978-0-19-955826-1.

Signal Books. Hardback, £20.00: ISBN 1-902669-84-3. Paperback, £10.99: 1-902669-85-1.
Edited and introduced by Lucy Newlyn.

The South Country
Little Toller Books. Paperback, £10.00: ISBN 978-0-9562545-1-1.
A special centenary edition (published in 2009), including a preface by Helen Thomas, engravings by Eric Fitch Daglish, and a new introduction by Robert Macfarlane.

The Country
A facsimile of the 1913 edition of The Country, available free of charge on Kindle and other e-readers.

The Childhood of Edward Thomas
Faber. Paperback, £10.00: ISBN 9780571243440.

Edward Thomas on the Countryside: A Selection of Prose and Verse
Selected and edited by Roland Gant.
Faber. Paperback, £16.00: ISBN 9780571249053.

One Green Field
Penguin. Paperback, £4.99: ISBN 978-0-1411909-1-4.
Published in 2009 as part of the English Journeys series.

The Ship of Swallows: A Selection of Short Stories
Edited by Jeremy Hooker. Preface by Myfanwy Thomas.
Enitharmon Press. Hardback, £15.00: 1-904634-16-8.
An extensive selection from Edward Thomas’s fiction.

Light and Twilight
Laurel Books. Paperback, £6.99: ISBN 1-873390-03-3.

In Pursuit of Spring
Laurel Books. Paperback, £9.99: ISBN 1-873390-04-1.

We also offer, as a downloadable document, A Chronological Listing of Published Letters from Edward Thomas, with an Index of Correspondents(first revision, 2013), compiled by Fellowship member Graham Roe.