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Edward Thomas Literary Festival 2024

The Edward Thomas Literary Festival 2024

Poetry, Prose and Birdsong

Monday 30 September – Saturday 12 October


Petersfield Museum and Art Gallery and Online

In brief, at present, with more details to follow here and on the Petersfield Museum and Gallery website, with whom we will again be co-hosting this event.

  • This year’s event runs from 30 September – 12 October
  • The ‘theme’ is Edward Thomas – Poetry, Prose and Birdsong
  • Confirmed participants to date (in person unless indicated) are:
    • Michael and Edna Longley
    • Zaffar Kunial
    • Andrew Motion (online)
    • Alice Oswald (online, in conversation with Andrew Motion)
    • Matthew Hollis
    • Seán Street
    • Yvonne Reddick
    • Jessica Mookherjee
    • Guy Cuthbertson
    • Isobel Dixon (plus the artist Douglas Robertson delivering a workshop)
    • Ellora Sutton (shortly to become a Trustee of the Museum)
    • Cat Mehta (2024 Poetry Competition runner up)
    • Timothy Adés
    • Robert Frost Society (online)
  • Some talks will be recorded and broadcast during the second week, which will be purely online and evening broadcast allowing those unable to join in person to watch the recorded talks
  • The first three days will be focused on engagement with local schools and community groups
  • In-person events will start on Thursday 3 October (National Poetry Day) with afternoon poetry readings and an evening talk, followed by two full days of workshops, readings, talks, Open-Mics, walks on the Sunday and then four recorded and live online only events the following week. The live online only events will include Two Poets: One Conversation (featuring Andrew Motion and Alice Oswald) and the always popular Friends across the Pond roundtable discussion featuring representatives from The Robert Frost Society and The Edward Thomas Fellowship.
  • Tickets will be going on sale during July

If you are thinking of attending the Festival and staying overnight you may wish to consider booking accommodation in good time as the Festival overlaps with the last few days of the extremely popular Peggy Guggenheim: Petersfield to Palazzo exhibition at Petersfield Museum and Art Gallery. Local accommodation information can be found on the Visit Petersfield website.