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Last updated on 14th February 2021

Edward Thomas | Petersfield Museum

Edward Thomas is widely regarded as a major poet and his posthumous influence on English poetry has been considerable. He took much inspiration from the natural beauty of the South Downs countryside, especially around his home near Steep, Petersfield.

Friends of the Dymock Poets

Gloucestershire Poets, Writers and Artists Collection (University of Gloucestershire)

Richard Jefferies Society

Walter de la Mare Society

Arthur Ransome Society

The Frost Place
A museum and poetry centre at Robert Frost’s home in Franconia, New Hampshire, USA

AE Housman
(the Housman Society)

Wilfred Owen Association

Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship

Rupert Brooke Society

GK Chesterton
(the American Chesterton Society)

William Morris Society (UK)
Once, when asked what other writing man he would choose to have been, Edward Thomas answered “William Morris”.

William Morris Society (USA)

George Borrow Trust

Thomas Hardy
(the Hardy Society)

Gerard Manley Hopkins
(the Hopkins Society)

Friends of Arthur Machen

John Clare Society

Parson Woodforde Society

Edward Elgar (the Elgar Society)

Frederick Delius

Ralph Vaughan Williams Society

Gustav Holst

Gerald Finzi (the Finzi Trust)

Lennox Berkeley Society

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