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Books About Edward Thomas

A Bibliographical Checklist of the Works of Edward Thomas
by Jeff Cooper and Richard Emeny.
£5.00. Available from the White Sheep Press, 122 Preston New Road, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB2 6BU.

Edward Thomas: A Portrait
by R. George Thomas.
Oxford University Press. Hardback, £57.00: ISBN 978-0-19-818527-7.

Edward Thomas: A Life in Pictures
by Richard Emeny.
Enitharmon Press. Hardback, £30.00:
ISBN 978-1-911253-27-3.

Edward Thomas: The Last Four Years
by Eleanor Farjeon.
Faber. Paperback, £16.00: ISBN 9780571269891.

Now All Roads Lead to France:
The Last Years of Edward Thomas

by Matthew Hollis.
Faber. Hardback, £20.00: ISBN 13-978-0571245987.

Edward Thomas: from Adlestrop to Arras:
A Biography
 by Jean Moorcroft Wilson.
Bloomsbury Publishing. Hardback, £25.00: ISBN 9781408187135.

Edward Thomas
by Stan Smith.
Faber. Paperback, £3.95:
ISBN 0-571-13942-6.

Under Storm’s Wing
by Helen Thomas.
Carcanet. Paperback, £9.95:
ISBN 1-85754-361-0.

A Conscious Englishman
by Margaret Keeping.
StreetBooks. Paperback, £9.95: ISBN 978-0-9564242-3-5.
A novel which explores Edward Thomas’s personality and relationships in the final years of his life.

Edward Thomas’s Poets
edited by Judy Kendall.
Carcanet. Paperback, £14.95: ISBN 978-1-904634-35-5.
For the first time, letters by Edward Thomas about writing and publishing are set alongside his poems, revealing the occasions of their composition and illuminating the processes of recollection, revision and development that transformed him into a poet. Interleaved with Thomas’s own poems and letters are works by the literary friends whom he criticised and admired, and whose influence he absorbed: Walter de la Mare, W.H. Hudson, Robert Frost, Eleanor Farjeon and others.

Edward Thomas: the Origins of his Poetry
by Judy Kendall.
University of Wales Press. Paperback, £24.99: ISBN 978-0-7083-2403-5.

Edward Thomas: Birdsong and Flight
by Judy Kendall.
Cecil Woolf War Poet series. Paperback, £12.95: ISBN 978-1-907286-36-0.

Under the Same Moon: Edward Thomas and the English Lyric by Edna Longley.
Enitharmon Press. Hardback, £25.00:
ISBN 978-1-911253-14-3.

Edward Thomas and Contemporary Poetry
(revised edition, 2014)
edited by Guy Cuthbertson and Lucy Newlyn.
Enitharmon. Hardback, £15.00:
ISBN 978-1-904634-35-5.
Land Writings: Excursions in the Footprints of Edward Thomas by James Riding.
Cambridge Scholars. Hardback, £58.99: ISBN 978-1-4438-9138-7.

On Edward Thomas
by Norman G. Brett James, Duncan Williams, E S P Haynes, Norman Douglas, Edward Garnett and Clifford Bax.
Tributes to Edward Thomas. Edition limited to 110 copies (100 for sale), hand-set at the Tragara Press. Bound in Cockerell paper boards with a linen spine. £30. Published by Demeter Press, Joan Stevens, 3 High Street, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, PE16 6BE. Email:

Elected Friends: Poems for and about Edward Thomas
compiled by Anne Harvey.
Enitharmon. Paperback, £9.95: ISBN 1-870612-72-8.

Edward Thomas: Paintings and Drawings by Valerie McLean.
Fineleaf Editions. Hardback, £19.95: ISBN 978-1-907741-34.
Order from the artist’s website.