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Month: November 2022

Edward Thomas Fellowship – Your Committee Members

Committee Members

The current members of the Committee are shown here (please click on this link), together with their current roles and contact email addresses where appropriate. New members of the committee are always welcome and if you would like to know about being a committee member please contact a member of the committee.

There are currently three committee meetings a year (following changes brought about as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and Climate Change it is planned that up to two of these meetings will be held by electronic means) and an AGM which is held in March following the annual Birthday Walk.… Continue Reading

The 2022 Close Reading Competition is now closed

The Edward Thomas Fellowship’s first Close Reading Competition closed on 30 November 2022.

The close reading competition is an excellent opportunity for you to explore a poem by one
of English Literature’s most celebrated poets and thereby deepen your understanding of
early twentieth century poetry. If you’re thinking about studying English at university, it’s also
a great way to enrich your UCAS application.

You can find out more by following this linkContinue Reading

Chronological Listing of Published Letters from Edward Thomas

The fourth revision to the ‘Chronological Listing of Published Letters from Edward Thomas’, including indexing the contents of the excellent ‘Comrades in letters’, has now been compiled by Fellowship member Graham Roe.

This wonderful research and general interest resource, listing the 1,119 letters from Edward Thomas that have been formally published, is available here on the Fellowship website.… Continue Reading