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Further re-arrangement of the 2020 Birthday Walk

Last updated on 20th March 2020

The annual Birthday Walk will now take place on Sunday 4th October 2020

It will come as no surprise to members and friends that it is not feasible to hold the re-arranged Birthday Walk and AGM as planned on Sunday 5th April and it is therefore being postponed once again.

Whilst no-one knows what the situation will be like in October, it is currently proposed that the Walks will be re-arranged once again and will take place on Sunday 4th October 2020, at the same times and over the same routes.

This date has been chosen as it is close to the anniversary date of the unveiling of the Memorial Stone, which took place on 3rd October 1937. It is also one day after the Friends of the Dymock Poets hope to hold their re-arranged Spring meeting with the Friends of Alfred Williams society in Swindon.

In selecting this date, the organisers remain mindful that Public Health England guidance over Covid-19 may cause yet another delay, in which case your committee will consider whether complete cancellation for 2020 may be appropriate.

In the meantime, the Walks and timings will follow the outline of those for 1st March, with the exception that both Walks will start and finish at Bedales car park as Steep Village Hall is not available. Here are the details for both Walks.

Bedales have kindly made a room available from 12.30 pm until 4 pm for walkers to have their lunch and congregate between lunches and, if the weather is adverse, to pass the afternoon before the AGM and tea in Steep Church.

It is also planned to have a parallel Walk available in the morning should conditions on the Hangers remain dangerous and also to enable those who are not comfortable with the steep ascent to the Memorial Stone still to be able to Walk, converse with like-minded people and enjoy the readings. It is proposed this will take take the form of a walk around the roads of Steep, but will not include a visit to the Stone.

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